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Rustic decorating ideas

This is a home for family and friends, the perfect dwelling for every season, and the place your heart is always peaceful. Rustic design incorporates wood, stone, and humble elements that create a warm, inviting space you’ll never want to leave.

Cozy, laid back, comfortable, welcoming—nothing says come and sit awhile more than a rustic living room. From dark and traditional to modern and chic, these stylish living rooms deliver rustic decorating ideas to help you transform any room into a rustic retreat of your own.

Rustic style

Rustic style is influenced by the rugged, natural beauty of homespun rural living. This lodge-inspired theme features soothing earth tones, nature-inspired textures, and organic details that bring the essence of the outdoors inside. Take a note from elements in the wild to lend inspiration to your rustic interior design. Soft leather furniture, woodsy decor, and layers of cozy throw blankets evoke the feeling of a quiet mountain cabin. This laidback style is a retreat from convention, defined by natural wood interiors, roughhewn finishes, and homey decor. Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and settle into the warmth of an inviting rustic home. Read on for more tips and inspiration on rustic decorating ideas.

Rustic interior design emphasizes organic materials and natural elements. Many associate this interior design style with the rustic look of log cabins, country style, or farmhouse-style homes, though rustic doesn’t have to be any of those things. A rustic style can be mixed with, and applied to many other design styles, including boho, coastal, and even french country.

Rustic colors

This rustic color palette mimics rocky terrain under a pale sky. Deep brown and taupe are present in decor and furniture, but the rest of the space is light and simple. Keep in mind that rustic decor doesn’t mean your walls must be beige — experiment with your favorite earthy neutrals, keeping window treatments light if things begin to feel weighed down.

Rustic colors are the ones that are deep and natural. Greens, browns, grays, fall colors are all considered to be rustic colors. Most of these colors can be found readily in nature, from the dark green of the leaves, the warm orange of the sunset, to the earthy brown of the mud. Rustic colors are often used in home decor because they lend a warm cozy feel to the interior.

Rustic style elements

Cabin decor

The traditional rustic home pulls in primitive elements reminiscent of log cabins. Evoke the spirit of a woodland cabin with subtle wildlife or nature prints in graphic throw pillows and wall decor.

A log burner and cabin vibes go hand in hand, but what if you aren’t blessed with a glorious crackling fire in your home? Well if you’ve got a tv you’ve got a fire – netflix even has a load of options to bring a ‘fireplace’ into your home. We like how in this new build log cabin they have taken it even further and surrounded their  ‘fire’ with log effect fabric.

Western decor

Give your home a frontier edge with rugged finishes and worn metal fastenings. A side table or coffee table with a reclaimed look turns rustic into western chic.

The great part about shopping at your western decor is that we offer furniture that looks great in any part of your home from the bedroom to the bathroom. Whether you want to dine with western dinnerware or feel the warmth of cowhide rugs, our decor has everything you need to make your home a western wonderland.

Natural decor

Bring the outdoors in and embrace hardwood and natural light in your rustic decorating ideas. Going natural seems like a broad concept, but we love the look of woodland details like a tree branch side table.

Natural home decor comes in many forms. The most obvious is live plants, but that’s just the beginning. Incorporating natural materials such as wood into your decor scheme is another solution. You can also add natural fiber textiles and prints inspired by nature.

Southwest decor

In the midst of all things earthy, colorful southwestern accents can add some spice and design intrigue. Break up your space with tribal patterns in geometrics or southwestern area rugs and throw pillows.

One of the things we love the most about the southwestern look is that you can really make it your own. Southwestern decor can be neutral and subtle, like this entryway from laurenbylauren, or you go bold with prints and patterns. This southwestern decor is all about faded rustic charm, with a light-washed wood console table and soft shades of brown and tan throughout the space.

Rustic materials


Jute rugs or accent pillows soften your rustic decorating ideas. This natural fiber is both hardy and simple, and it offers rustic texture without being as rough as burlap.

 jute cloth is used in different types of arts and crafts projects to give off a rustic look and feel. Whether you’re using a small piece of it or using it for the majority of your project, it really adds beauty and creates a rustic, countryside feel. Jute is widely available, and you can use this material in different diy crafting projects you want to make while you’re stuck at home.


Worn, rusted, or galvanized metal in a rustic home creates grounded textures that subtly catch light. Metal accents are also opportunities to celebrate heritage items like galvanized pails, old store signs, and other collectibles.

 modern rustic decorating ideas focuses on natural materials such as wood, stone, brick and metal. It borrows the sleek, open and tidy aesthetic of modern design and marries it with neutral colors, open floor plans and simple lines. To combat the cold, sharp look designers bring in warm, cozy wood and elements of nature like stone and lots of natural light.


The warm, essential nature of leather creates inviting furniture that can live anywhere in your home. Choose distressed leather for a broken-in look.

Modern, contemporary, or traditional—no matter your home’s current style, leather furniture can add a timeless, homey, and even a luxurious twist to your decor. How so might you be thinking? From yummy caramel to vibrant maroon, leather pieces are available in cozy colors that add both beauty and depth to any space.

Natural wood

Since a nod to nature is an important part of rustic decorating ideas, embrace raw and natural wood. A rustic home lets lumber speak for itself, especially in hardwood floors, furniture, and accents. Use only minimal finishes and no paint.

 using natural elements like wood and a neutral color palette will help you add a rustic look to your home. Also, you can find rustic pieces and vintage items at thrift stores, and flea markets in addition to repurposing items like pallets. These rustic decorating ideas will also go great with farmhouse decor.

Rustic decorating ideas for living room

Your rustic living room is the place where no one is afraid to put their feet on the coffee table or set their drink down without a coaster. The coffee table is “board game central” on family night, the couch is large and ready with cozy blankets for rainy day movies, and the fireplace is where everyone gathers to enjoy coffee and hot chocolate on chilly mornings.

rustic style is one of the most trending interior designs genres on the scene. And today, we’re focusing our inspiration on family corners that exemplify that look. These 50 rustic living room ideas are perfect to fashion your home revamp around. From the furniture choices to the accents, this is how to take a trend and personalize it to your own vision.

Your rustic living room is the place where no one is afraid to put their feet on the coffee table.

Rustic living room essentials

Animal skin

While animal skin may have felt too western and rugged in years past, it’s now considered a chic and earthy touch in any design. Look for animal-skin pillows, rugs, and upholstery for your rustic living room.

Ancient chinese wisdom says that having a snake in your house is a good omen because it means that your family will not go hungry. We think that having a snake in your house means that you’re super stylish…that is, if you’re speaking of snake skin wallpaper. Ring in the year of the snake with a serpentine wall covering and accent it with pops of turquoise.

Barn doors

Perfect for concealing an entertainment center, closing off a room, or even as a decorating statement, barn doors bring an essential piece of rural living into your home. Sliding barn doors lend an equestrian touch to your living room, and they have an upscale, utilitarian look.

In a small space where every single inch counts, sliding barn doors come in handy. A well installed sliding barn door offers great space economy for whatever room you use it in. Of course, you need to have enough adjacent wall space for the barn door to slide over when it is opened. But this is often preferable to similarly space-saving pocket doors that require much more work to install or remove.

Wood beams

Exposed wood beams reinforce the idea of a sturdy home. Whether your ceiling is pitched or flat, these structural beauties also work to create a roomy look and feel.

Exposed ceiling beams are an architectural feature that allows rooms to have higher ceilings or a decorative element that adds charm. We’ve noticed that aged-wood beams are one of the features most sought after by homeowners right now. However, old, salvaged-wood beams are usually very heavy, cost-prohibitive, and are often compromised by warping or insect damage. If you are just trying to get the look of exposed beams and don’t need the support, a good option is to install faux wood beams.

Buffalo plaid

This pattern has a solid timelessness that appeases both masculine and feminine tastes. Buffalo plaid offers a simple way to bring pattern into your rustic living room without the softness of farmhouse gingham and calico.

There’s just something about the bold contrast between black and white or black and red, especially when it comes to fabrics and home decor. This must be why we and so many others are absolutely enamored with buffalo plaid decor and all the amazing and trendy home decor ideas circulating the web these days.

Rustic decorating ideas for dining room

There’s plenty of counter space and seating for everyone to gather around and enjoy breakfast or making dinner together.

Here, dinner is always a success and the coffee is fresh every morning. There’s plenty of counter space and seating for everyone to gather around and enjoy breakfast or making dinner together. Even if your appliances are glossy and updated, natural wood and warm copper details can take any kitchen from cookiecutter and cold to down-to-earth and inviting. Use a wide trestle table, marquee letters, and creamy-colored place settings to turn your rustic kitchen into an updated farmhouse.

Dining rooms have evolved from the traditional family space to entertainment rooms that radiate elegance and style to guests. You can upgrade your dining room today by simply considering a rustic dining room design. Here are top 12 ideas that exude a specific country and natural charm that will definitely warm up your dining experience with a rustic look.

Rustic kitchen & dining room essentials


There’s nothing as happy as a full table during mealtime, and benches are the perfect way to accommodate everyone. Use a bench on both sides or add chairs on one side if you like a mismatched look.

Under the open sky, rustic benches give comfortable sitting. The best thing about rustic outdoor benches is that they are environmental-friendly and can face every weather. The look of the garden enhances even with a simple rustic bench placed in a corner.

Marquee letters

Marquee letters add a dash of modern into your down-home design. Use these glowing graphics as part of a gallery wall, as a stand-alone monogram, or to spell out your favorite foodie words.

It is best to think of marquee decoration as but part of the overall look for an event.

marquees are flexible enough to carry classic styles, romantic styles, functional, funky, vintage… As well as many themed looks.


Look for this warm and subtle metallic in kitchen appliances and small decor. If you have a copper cooking set, put it on display with a pot rack; otherwise, add copper details with silverware and appliances.

Trestle table

This farmhouse table has been serving up hot meals with its sturdy design since the pioneer days. A trestle table complements bench seating perfectly because its centered, pedestal-style support allows plenty of legroom at a crowded table when you tuck into your favorite meal.

Trestle tables were very popular in the middle ages and they’re still popular even today, being mainly appreciated for the fact that they’re easy to assemble and to take apart, easy to transport and to store.

They allowed multifunctional spaces to thrive as a room could serve as a dining area one moment and as a game room or dance floor the next. This type of flexibility made the trestle dining table the ideal occasional piece. The style is still popular today although in some cases the flexibility and ease of storage has nothing to do with it.

Rustic decorating ideas for bedroom

Windows open in the summer or quilts piled on the bed in the winter, a rustic bedroom is cozy, charming, and has everything you need to sleep like a log.

It’s the space you fall into at night and the bed you don’t want to leave on rainy mornings — or any morning for that matter. Windows open in the summer or quilts piled on the bed in the winter, a rustic bedroom is cozy, charming, and has everything you need to sleep like a log. Opt for mountainous and woodland elements, which present simple luxuries in a freeing space. With quiet decor that keeps with rustic’s naturally beautiful theme, this bedroom is your retreat within a retreat.

There are some intricate details going on here, which makes this bedroom irreplaceable and one of a kind. Whoever did this had a lot of time on their hands and awesome creativity. It’s very rustic and i love how the bookshelves are built into the walls leading into the bedroom. It’s rather remarkable and if you can find somebody to do this for you or even if you can do this yourself, i highly recommend it.

Rustic bedroom essentials


Antlers are both chic and wild. Use them as statement wall decor, prop them on your bookshelf for a bohemian look, or add them to a gallery wall for an eclectic twist.

Here we find without investing a lot of cash 37 number of fantastic ideas to provide your antlers decorating ideas seems wonderful. The jobs are easy and provided with stage-by-stage tutorials for your own reference, so you can ultimately make them at home by yourself.

Tree stump table

Let your nightstand serve a purpose while reflecting your love of a quiet forest. A tree stump table plays up the natural element of rustic decorating ideas and makes for a punctuating piece.

 we’re all active these times, particularly from the end-of the year as well as the beginning. Here, i have gathered some creative, stunning, special and new simple diy tree stump centerpiece a few ideas that’ll assist you to make you motivated. Have a look and permit me know your sources that are favored!

Faux fur throw

For the ultimate rustic luxury, add a faux fur throw to your bedroom either folded at the foot of your bed or draped over a chair in the corner. Nothing could be cozier than snuggling into a plush blanket during your winter slumbers.

Galvanized metal

The matte finish of galvanized metal adds an industrial edge. Use it in decor accents like lamps, storage bins, and other decorative pieces. Galvanized metal brings the heritage look of old-time wash bins, pails, and farm tools into a new light.

Decorating with galvanized metal can add a distinctive rustic touch to your décor. Galvanized decor creates such an amazing focal point as well, making your home look beautiful!

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