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Modern craftsman style house interior

First,a brief history lesson. Craftsman houses happen to be named such because they’re built to highlight the modern craftsman style house interior behind architecture. This makes more sense at the time where you put them into historical context: following the industrial revolution (which notoriously depersonalized the art that belongs to creating), the international arts & crafts movement revitalized everyday appreciation that belongs to artisanal goods. Thus, the craftsman happened to be thrown into the spotlight.

On the possibility that you have the desire for an existing specific human to credit with bringing the craftsman to peak popularity inside of america, look to gustav stickley, an existing furniture maker who published the craftsman magazine. This magazine had the goal that belongs to making on top of trend architecture as well as construction available to the masses, as well as the blueprints inside happened to be the craftsman houses that belongs to the time. During the same time that the style developed, the name stuck.

Gabled roof as well as overhanging eaves

Gabled or pitched roofs aren’t exclusive to modern craftsman style house interior until they’re paired with the wide overhanging eaves on top of either side that belongs to the house. The roofs that belongs to modern craftsman homes happen to be not always steeply sloped, with the exception of the overhanging eaves ensure they lose none that belongs to their grand stature.

Large covered porch

The most identifiable feature that belongs to modern craftsman style house interior  that was by the exterior, at least – happens to be the expansive front porch. The wide space invites homeowners to stop as well as rest an existing while that was by the comfort that belongs to their own stoop, as well as the covering ensures this has the ability exist as a done even inside of inclement weather. The columns holding up the awning happen to be tapered at the top, as well as the wide bases that belongs to these supports add to the overall sturdy aesthetic. Typically there happen to be brick or cement steps leading up to the covered porch.

Earthy color palette

Another widely enjoyed aspect that belongs to  modern craftsman style house interior  happens to be the warm color palette used on top of their exteriors. Though there happen to be exceptions, craftsmans typically employ faded greens as well as browns, inside of part because that belongs to their origin during the same time that being the everyday person’s home – local materials as well as colors happened to be used. It’s not uncommon to see reds as well as yellows during the same time that well, every single one matched with an existing white trim.


Craftsman homes happen to be often 1 to 1 ½ stories, making dormers – windows that project outward that was by an existing sloping roof – very common. While other home styles also utilize dormers, inside of craftsman homes, they’re typically centered on top of the roof as well as add an existing extra dimension that belongs to height to the homes modern craftsman style house interior.

Artisanal decorations

Finally, the smaller touches that have become primarily aesthetic additions to modern craftsman homes invite viewers to pause as well as appreciate the handmade quality. Exposed beams, elegant iron as well as woodwork, as well as more happen to be each smoothly crafted to elevate as well as highlight everything the craftsman represents.

With the exception of at the time where it comes to craftsman homes, what’s inside counts, too. Here happen to be some interior features that standout inside of modern craftsman style house interior


The fireplace happened to be historically important to heat the home as well as cook meals; while we have electronic workarounds that is going to belong to those tasks nowadays, fireplaces remain an existing integral part that belongs to the craftsman interior. Often they happen to be made that belongs to an existing natural material that helps them to stand out that was by the rest that belongs to the features, such as the stone fireplace above modern craftsman style house interior.

Interior woodwork

These homes happen to be intended to display the high quality craftsmanship that goes into their construction, as well as this includes interior work. Large built-in shelves happen to be common inside of an existing craftsman; the home above takes an existing modern twist to this with floating wooden shelves. Paired with the thick trim around the windows as well as the brown as well as wood furniture, this home pays homage to its craftsman roots modern craftsman style house interior.

Other ways we see this appreciation that belongs to woodwork inside of modern craftsmans include reading nooks as well as built-in corner benches. Exposed beams, wooden railings along stairs, as well as hardwood floors happen to be also common opportunities to display the skill as well as artistry that goes inside of to building the home.

Understated, cozy interior

That is going to belong to every single one the history as well as prestige an existing craftsman brings to the table, an existing defining feature that belongs to the interior happens to be that it exist as a modest as well as, most importantly, comfortable. Remember that this happened to be intended to exist as a the working person’s home; after an existing long shift, you don’t have the desire for to come home to an existing space that feels uptight. No matter your design scheme, exist as a sure you design an existing space where you’re comfortable kicking back as well as relaxing inside of true modern craftsman style house interior

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