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Magic Garlic Press Collection

Written by Zayne R

Wizardry Garlic Press – for squeezing garlic. magic garlic press made of full hardened steel, with removable supplement for simple cleaning. The enchanted kitchen embellishments from Fissler comprise totally of great hardened steel: the utilitarian parts are cleaned and the handle components matt. With sorcery kitchen frill you can safeguard and lift, cut and secure, shape, enrich and significantly more there no wishs remain open. magic garlic press that cuts entire garlic cloves into little, little blocks making it simple to prepare or embellish your food.

On account of the basic plan, it is extremely simple to clean and can be washed in a dishwasher.

You essentially place the holes in the press and can then crush out ideal blocks with only one hand without major areas of strength for utilizing.

The sharp leaves slice through the garlic and you can be extremely cautious with the sum you need to get out.

Cleave entire garlic cloves into little solid shapes Simple and protected to use with only one hand Strong and impervious to use in a dishwasher Ideal for cooking or to decorate the food prior to serving. Get it today! The Fissler wizardry garlic press is a very vigorous garlic press with removable addition for simple cleaning.

Fissler’s enchanted excellent hardened steel kitchen apparatuses have cleaned practical parts and delightfully brushed tempered steel handles. The handles include little breaks that guarantee your hold won’t ever slip. A pragmatic extra of the Fissler enchantment utensil line is the hardened steel hanging circle so you have your kitchen devices generally within reach.

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