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Written by Zayne R

Reddit Is Divided Over The Most Overrated Kitchen Appliance

With modern technology being what it is, we have countless kitchen utensils, gadgets, and appliances at our disposal. Sure, some of them are brilliant innovations and fill a necessary niche. But to put it nicely, other appliances are about as helpful as training wheels on a semi truck.

For instance, we’ve been influenced by Amazon into buying unnecessary kitchen gadgets reddit such as veggie choppers, banana slicers, meat claws, grape slicers, pancake batter dispensers, electric potato peelers, tuna strainers — you get the point. They may look cool, but many gadgets are simply another way for companies to get your money, and realistically, they’re just among the many things in your kitchen you need to throw away.

In other words, many of these products complete tasks that can be done with a utensil you already have. As The Recipe notes, if you have a kitchen knife, you don’t need a strawberry stem remover, a butter dispenser, or herb scissors. (But, hey, if you want to spend $10 on a special strawberry stem removal tool, that’s your prerogative.)

Skip these appliances when furnishing your kitchen

When it comes to kitchen gadgets reddit, more isn’t always better. In fact, Redditors say that many of these trendy kitchen gadgets reddit and appliances are overhyped and entirely unnecessary. So, which appliances does Reddit think you should pass up?

Several people commented that they find juicers overrated, with one person going so far as to write that juicers are “really cool about three or four times and then go straight to collecting dust.” Unless you want to make fresh juice every morning, just use this simple hack that transforms your kitchen tongs into a juicer.

As for other appliances, Redditors weren’t entirely on the same page. Some said they loved their air fryers, while others said they thought it was a waste of space and a pain to clean. Other love-it-or-leave-it appliances included pod coffee machines, ice cream makers, blenders, Instant Pots, and food processors.

However, none of this is to say you shouldn’t buy an air fryer (or any other kitchen appliance on this list). There are so many unique things you can make in an air fryer, and if you’re going to get good use out of it, the purchase is worth it.

The Best French Press Coffee Makers

Deliciously known otherwise as a coffee plunger, the French press is as simple and Parisian as it sounds –– a carafe with a filter attached to the end of a plunger that presses and extracts the coffee from the grounds. First designed in 1852 by the French, the French press’s low-waste, economically sustainable, and low energy usage appeals to a environmentally conscious generation and society –– no K-cups or coffee filters required.

Using a French press for coffee is similar to steeping tea –– it allows the water to “mix and mingle” with the coffee grounds to achieve an intense, yet savory coffee concoction. However, it’s not as easy as throwing coffee grounds into a pot and pouring water overtop, according to an interview in Mashed with Alex Azoury, CEO of Home Grounds. Making a perfect cup of French press coffee is about grinding your own coffee beans to a medium or coarse consistency, finding your water to coffee ratio, and of course, finding the right French press.

When looking for the right French press, it’s important to consider the three parts of a French press –– the carafe, the plunger/filter, and the lid (via Barista Joy). Azoury, in that same Mashed interview, says he prefers ceramic, and tempered glass is fragile, but doesn’t negatively affect the taste of your coffee like plastic could. A good plunger is key to keeping coffee grounds from passing through, creating a muddy and textured coffee, and a good lid protects you from scalding hot coffee.

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