Crazy Kitchen Vegetable Gadget

Joie Garlic Twist Collection

Written by Zayne R


The Garlic Twister (£10, NexTrend) is a multipurpose mincing instrument, fitted with cross-cutting teeth. Grinds garlic and different food sources to glue.


Nothing gets me down like cleaning up.


Which kitchen help is the most ball-longing to clean? The wipe destroying grater, maybe? There is a strainer in my level that constantly gets utilized as a colander, obstructing the lattice in dull irritation, while managing a disarticulated food processor causes me to long for the sweet arrival of death.

In any case, the honor should go to the garlic press: a turned plate pushing a rotten fixing tenaciously through 1,000 pinholes. I disdain cleaning the garlic press nearly however much I love cooking with garlic: a horrible proportion. I have depended on staying a wooden stick through the openings. (I used to utilize a nailbrush, however went off the strategy after unintentionally flicking little fittings of wet garlic at me and mouth. It’s not precisely tea at the Ritz.) A thingamabob by the annoyingly named NexTrend vows to take out this and different issues. “Cleaving garlic with a blade leaves fingers rancid, and is perilous! The Garlic Twister is quick and tomfoolery,” a separated looking man guarantees me on its site. His edges for risk and tomfoolery are excessively low, however I look at one. The huge Perspex cogwheel opens to look like a ring box with teeth. The line above interlocks with one beneath, and winding the gadget twirls them through each other like propellers on a biplane. Any garlic inside gets smushed, hard.

While the underlying drudgery is fine, I continue to mince to accomplish a better glue – and the outcomes stick completely between the teeth. To get garlic into my wok I need to monotonously scratch every plastic tooth with a blade; yet the pan fried food sits tight for no man. I likewise like a stout clove, and battled to crush a natural greasy one into the chamber. A disgrace, – in light of the fact that the gadget succeeds in different regions. Its paperweight haul is great for pounding cloves and, cleaning up-insightful, it’s superb – a fast erupted from the tap washing the chamber clean. However, the Garlic Twister just moves the – obstinate issue of the garlic press back a phase. It’s striking and creative. The contort is, it doesn’t work.

Any drawback

The plan appears to be so firmly demonstrated on a hash processor that I got neurotic simply stripping the garlic skins.

Counter, cabinet, back of the pantry?

Cabinet. Makes dealing with garlic a piece less tacky disgusting. 3/5

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