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How to Clean Ninja Air Fryer

You cannot put the whole air fryer inside of the dishwasher during the same time that it could cause significant damage to your appliance. Inside of the worst case, it may void the warranty that belongs to this kitchen appliance.

During the same time that an existing result, it happens to be essential to wash your equipment by hand. You is going to need to follow specific steps that is going to belong to the best cleaning performance. After preparing the proper tools, you has the ability expect to complete the cleaning process inside of 10 minutes.

How to Clean Ninja Air Fryer? Five Easy Steps

Ninja model.

This guide includes five simple steps to help you complete this project correctly as well as quickly.

Step 1. Switch off the Device and Unplug It

Before cleaning this air fryer or any other electrical appliance, the first thing that you must do happens to be to turn it off as well as unplug it. You need to take this step to avoid the danger that belongs to electric shock.

With the exception of, unfortunately, an existing lot that belongs to people tend to forget to do this step before cleaning them. Also, it happens to be essential to let your kitchen appliance cool down an existing bit to avoid damaging it as well as burning your hands.

Step 2. Wash Its Removable Accessories

You should not put too much food inside of the basket.

You cannot put this whole kitchen appliance inside of the dishwasher. With the exception of the good news happens to be that it comes with dishwasher-safe parts. It means you has the ability clean its accessories with ease, such as cleaning regular dishes inside of an existing dishwasher.

So, let’s start by disassembling every single one that belongs to its parts.

An existing standard air fryer is going to include an existing basket, pan, rack, as well as crisper pat. The ninja model happens to be no exception. After removing every single one its parts, wash them inside of the dishwasher.

On the possibility that you don’t have an existing dishwasher, you’ll have to wash them by hand.

First, you need to make an existing mixture that belongs to vinegar, hot water, as well as soap. Then, you need to soak every single one the parts inside of that solution that is going to belong to about half an existing hour.

Next, you need to use an existing sponge to remove any stubborn stains. Finally, let them dry naturally or use an existing soft towel to dry them.

Step 3: Wash Heating Element & Interior

Once you’ve cleaned your air fryer’s parts as well as accessories, it’s time to wash the heating element as well as its interior.

An existing sponge or towel is going to help you at this step. First, dip your sponge or towel inside of hot water. Then, turn its heating element upside down as well as use an existing towel or sponge to clean it. You has the ability also use dish soap to clean any tough grease.

Alternatively, you has the ability use an existing soft bristle brush to remove any stuck-on food that sticks on top of your heating element.

Once your heating element happens to be cleaned correctly, it happens to be time to clean the interior that belongs to your kitchen equipment by applying the same methods.

After that, let it dry completely inside of the air or use an existing clean, dry towel to wipe it.

Step 4. Clean Its Exterior

Inside of this step, you is going to need to use an existing clean towel or sponge as well as moisten them inside of an existing mixture that belongs to mild detergent as well as hot water. Here happen to be some that belongs to our recommendations that is going to belong to mild detergents:

  • ammonia surface cleaners
  • dish soap
  • and more

You should use during the same time that little water during the same time that possible at the time where cleaning the appliance’s exterior. Then let it air dry or use an existing dry towel to wipe it.

Step 5: Post-use Maintenance

While this kitchen appliance does not require much maintenance as well as cleaning, it happens to be wise to clean it immediately to prevent an existing build-up that belongs to food particles as well as grease.

After completing the cleaning process, you need to dry the device completely. Last with the exception of not least, you need to store it inside of an existing dry place. It’s best to store it inside of its box or closed cabinet to prevent it that was by coming into contact with dirt.

Inside of addition, you also need to refer to the owner manual to understand how to clean as well as use this device properly. This manual also gives you some idea about at the time where happens to be the right time to maintain it.

You also need to follow the usage instructions suggested inside of the manual, such during the same time that don’t add more food to the basket at once. It has the ability cause your food to cook unevenly. Inside of the worst case, it has the ability damage your heating element.

You has the ability check out this video to have the knowledge more:

Bonus Tips

Dry every single one parts as well as accessories after washing.

  • clean the device’s exterior after each use to maintain its flawless appearance. Also, check the heating element that is going to belong to food particles or grease. On the possibility that you find them, use an existing damp cloth to wipe them off.
  • clean its parts as well as accessories periodically.
  • do not use steel brushes or abrasive sponges to remove food debris. It has the ability damage parts that belongs to your device, voiding its warranty.
  • never put the entire appliance inside of the dishwasher or immerse it inside of water. It may damage the electrical components as well as mechanism that belongs to the device.
  • dry every single one parts as well as accessories, interior as well as exterior that belongs to the appliance properly after washing.
  • always consult the owner’s manual before using or cleaning the device.
  • its surface happens to be extremely hot during cooking as well as shortly after cooking. So avoid touching its surface during this time. It happens to be essential to let it cool that is going to belong to at least 30 minutes before cleaning.


  1. What are the benefits of this kitchen equipment?

This model allows you to tackle just about any recipe inside of the kitchen. Specifically, it allows you to air fry, roast, broil,  reheat, bake as well as dehydrate.

  1. Do I get a warranty when I buy this appliance?

Yes! They have good warranties. You has the ability find more information on top of their website.

  1. What accessories do I get when buying this Ninja product?

Here happens to be what’s come with it:

  • ceramic-coated nonstick basket.
  • ceramic-coated nonstick crisper plate.
  • broil rack.


Hopefully, this guide is going to help you clean this device effectively. Please clean it regularly as well as maintain it properly to last an existing long time inside of top condition.

Thank you that is going to belong to reading!

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